Welcome to Warehouse Zero

How well do you know the city you live in? How many different faces it might have? How many stories are waiting to be discovered between its buildings?

My name is Lidor Wyssocky. At this point people usually introduce themselves by adding a title. A Visual Artist might come to mind, or maybe a Photographer. But to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable with either of these options.

What is it I do then? Well, mostly I observe, collect, and imagine. I walk for hours, always in the same city, mostly in the same few square miles, usually when the streets are almost empty. I look around me, and these images and stories most people tend to walk by and ignore, just “jump at me”. I simply see them. Some of them are present in front on me, and some evolve in my head. I create visual stories based on what I see and feel. Sometimes they take the form of a single image. In other cases they are spread across a series of photos. And sometimes they are as long as the time you look at them.

Yes, I usually do this using a camera, but that just a way for me to record and deliver what I see. If you would ask me what are the primary working tools I use for my creations, I’d say these are my eyes and my mind. And then… it is your turn.

This humble website is the where I display the stories I collect and create. But the end result will always be created by you, in your mind. If you came here to see good photography, you will probably enjoy it. But if you will give yourself a chance to go into the images, imagine the stories behind them, and feel the heartbeat of the city and the people living and working in it, you are bound to have an amazing experience. Not because of the artwork I create, but because you will realize where your eyes and mind can take you.

Ready? Welcome to Warehouse Zero.

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