A Story Hidden within the City

A simple graffiti flower drawn on a wall started a three-year journey in the streets of Tel-Aviv.
Urbanity is a visual story created in dark alleys, abandoned buildings, and silent streets. A story created by paint, concrete, and the ever-changing urban walls.

A story hidden within the city – waiting to be told.

Part 1: Antimatter

For more than two years, I’ve been wandering the streets of Tel-Aviv with a camera — trying to capture fragments of urban life and scenery. During one of my walks, I came by a flower.

It was a simple graffiti flower drawn on a wall as if it was placed on a street bench. The way this flower — a figment of someone’s imagination — was so naturally placed in the real world, drew me to a different world. A world in which matter and antimatter blend to create stories.

During the months that followed I collected more stories created on the border line of two parallel universes. Together, they form a bigger story. A story told by a city.

Part 2: Singularity

When I finished working on Antimatter I thought of it as the ending of a story, and yet I named it Urbanity, Part I. I had a feeling the story has to continue — as if it is out there in the urban streets, waiting to be discovered.

For months I have struggled with the question how the story should continue, but I found nothing but dead ends. At the same time, visual fragments started to find their way into my Urbanity folder. I had no idea what they mean or what story they are trying to tell me.

It was only when I found the last fragment that all the pieces suddenly aligned in place and the story revealed itself. It was indeed the continuation of the story I thought ended exactly one year before.

Part 3: Void

It’s 6 AM.

The sun is just about to rise (or maybe it has already). The street in which I’m walking is empty (or maybe it isn’t). I’m looking for an ending (or maybe it looks for me).

The wall on which I found a flower three years ago is painted white. The rest is black.

I point my camera to walls (or maybe it is pointed at me).



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All that is left of you is a flower
The sun is not shining where we first met
Your beauty made me blind
I made myself invisible so I can be with you
I went to a fortune teller and all she could see was darkness
Everytime I close my eyes I dream of you
Your shadow does not leave me
Seven days without you feel like eternity
I reach for you through a wall of sadness
I found a door to a world of shadows
The light turned off and I closed my eyes
Be still my bleeding heart
I write you letters you cannot read
I buy you flowers you cannot smell
I play games I cannot win
I tell you secrets I shouldn't tell
I pray for you but no one cares
I reach for you but you're not there
I wait for you and you don't come
I touch your body - it's made of air
I build a house for you to leave
I carve a window for you to dream
I think of you - I fade away
I love you.
Love. Died.
Sex. Cold.
Feeling. Numb.
Am I dreaming?
Tears. Dry.
Hope. Gone.
Memory. Faded.
Are you there?
You are me now.
Is it over?
The end. Void.
I am. Not.