Portrait of a Street

Every Street Has a Soul

The second year of the ongoing TLV365 project, was dedicated to the streets of Tel-Aviv. Each week was focused on one street – its name, its spirit, its soul. I tried to capture it with a single artwork made out of six different photos – all taken in the same street on the same day.

I think of it as a kind of a portrait. Like in a human portrait, I hope that I succeeded in capturing the heart of each street and its uniqueness.

I invite you to join me in this visual journey to the streets of Tel-Aviv. I call it Portrait of a Street.


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Nehama. Hope, cure for an aching soul.
Ge'ula. The act of saving or being saved.
Hovot HaLevavot. Duties of the heart.
HaShuk. A public gathering held for buying and selling merchandise.
Plonit. Someone who is unknown.
Levanda. Author of Times of Perplexity.
HaHalutsim. Those who are first to explore or settle a new country or area.
Hodaya. Thanksgiving.
Almonit. Someone who is unknown.
Pinsker. The author of Auto-Emancipation.
HaTkuma. Rebirth, resurrection.
Reshit Hochma. The beginning of wisdom.
Mesilat Yesharim. The path of the honest ones.
De Fijotto. Chairman of Sephardi Jewish Union.
Michelangelo. One of the greatest Renaissance artists.
Kehilat Aden. The community of Aden, where some believe Cain and Abel are buried.
Reish Galuta. The leader of the Jewish community in Babylon.
Moledet. Homeland. A person's native land.
Goel. Redeemer. A man who marries a childless widow.
Abarbanel. A psychiatric hospital, est. 1944.
Doron. A gift.
HaKovshim. Named after the conquerors of Jaffa in the War of Independence.
HaTnufa. A gesture which is part of a ritual in the religious Jewish law.
HaKishon. A river at the north of Israel.
Carlebach. I'm cold in you.
Ba'al HaAkeda. Author of the book Binding of Isaac.
HaAvoda. Labor. A key value in the returning of the people of Israel to their land.
3048. The original name of a street which was later renamed Mordehai Ardon - a famous Israeli artist.
Beit Shamai. The followers of a Jewish scholar of the 1st century.
Elifelet. One of King David's sons.
HaKongress. The world Zionist Congress.
Shlomo Hamelech. The son of King David and Bat-Sheba. The author of the Song of Songs.
Ayelet HaShahar. The first light of dawn.
Gvulot. Borders. The edge or boundary of something.
Har Sinai. The mountain at which the Ten Commandments were given to Israel.
Shivtei Israel. The twelve tribes of Israel.
Yesud HaMa'ala. A phrase associated with the concept of the return to Zion.
Ditsa. Joy.
HaManor. Part of a loom.
Ra'anan. Fresh, new.
Poriya. Fertile, fruitful.
HaHashmal. Electricity.
Sha'arei Tshuva. Ways of repentance.
Meor Einayim. Eyesight. The ability to see.
Nes Lagoyim. A miracle for the gentiles.
Mikveh Israel. The first Jewish agricultural school in Israel.
HaRosh. The head.
Sonciono. A Jewish family of printers from the 15th century.
Kompert. A Bohemian Jewish writer.
Merkaz Ba'alei Melaha. A neighborhood of craftsmen.
Herutenu. Our Freedom.
Rabin Square. Where the Prime Minister of Israel was murdered in 1995.