Real Estate

Real Places for Real People

On May 2012 I’ve started a project aimed to be one year long. That first year of TLV365 ended with a collection of 365 random moments and scenes – a sort of eclectic view of Tel-Aviv from my point of view.

The second year that followed was focused on the streets of Tel-Aviv. Their names, their spirit, and their soul. Trying to capture a portrait of each street – a portrait that will represent my memory of that street – was really a special experience. My artworks stopped being “location-less”. The location in which they were created became part of them.

During this two-year journey I was asked many times why people are absent from my artworks. I always gave the same answer: they are always there. Without them none of the raw material I am capturing for my art would exist.

What started as the third year of TLV365 was focused more than ever on the people of Tel-Aviv. No, they don’t appear in person in front of my camera. Instead, their stories are told by their homes, their apartments, the places in which they work.

This year was also about the return plain and basic photographic artwork. The post-processing of the artworks is minimal. The stories hidden in the walls of the houses I capture speak for themselves.

As the third year came to an end, I’ve decided to continue the work on Real Estate, and turn it into an ongoing project.

I invite you to a special journey. I invite you to imagine the people living, working, and breathing Tel-Aviv through the buildings they call home. I invite you to Real Estate.


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